About Chapter 805

  Our office is located in downtown Roseburg and we are open Monday-Thursday, 9:00am-3:00pm and Friday 9:00am-12:00pm. We are walking distance to the Employment Office, County VA and the Roseburg Mission who feeds, clothes and houses the homeless veteran. We also issue from our office DoD issued sleeping bags, blankets, duffel bags, boots and many other items. We issue and reach out to all homeless veterans except those with dishonorable discharges. We refer to our office as "The Hooch." It's a place not only for our homeless veteran who comes for help but for our chapter members to drop by for a visit and at times to talk about their problems and experiences. We also have our "Library Hooch" where we have not only books on Nam but photos from our tours and trips back to Nam in 1994 and 2001.

  Our chapter meetings are held on the first Monday of the month at 7:00 pm at the VA Roseburg Health Center Auditorium located at 913 NW Garden Valley Blvd., Roseburg, Oregon. We also do monthly fundraisers with proceeds going towards projects helping other veterans. Carol Knight leads our AVVA members. They are also very involved in the Chapter fundraisers and more.

Anyone interested in a "Return To Nam" trip in November 2009 or April 2010 please contact Gary Baxman at 541-679-2851 or glb-17@msn.com.The trip at hand will consist of Saigon, Mytho, Cu Chi, Blacklady Mt., Tay Ninh, Pleiku, Kontum, An Khe, Qui Nhon, Bong Son, Cu Niag, Phu Cat, My Lai, Hoi An, China Beach, Marble Mt., Danang, Hue, Khe Sanh, Dong Ha, DMZ and the Vinh Moc Tunnels. The people of Vietnam welcome our veterans with open arms. Of the 45-50 returnees, only 2 came back with negative attitudes. Most said they would return again, if possible. Health wise, you should be able to walk one easy mile. LZ's are impossible to reach. Most bases are gone. Tell me what you are interested in seeing and we will try to fit it in. Side trips are available at an extra cost. At this time a confirmation on cost is impossible but I am thinking it will be $4,000 or less for a 17-21 day trip (age 16 and up). Later Brothers and Sisters.

"Never Again Will One Generation Of Veterans Abandon Another"



Chapter 805 Officers

Executive Officers

Tom Knight - President

Terry Pilson - Vice President
Rick Freund - Treasurer

Rob Shepard - Adjutant

John Bewley - Sgt. At Arms and Chaplin

Carol Knight - AVVA

Tom Johnson (Chairman) - BOD

Bob Pearson - BOD

Gary Baxman - BOD

Committee Officers

Gary Baxman - Fundraiser

Jane Johnson - Fundraiser Assistant

Vacant - Communications

Hosia Blankenship - Membership & Public Relations

Rick Sciapiti - Government Relations

Steve Roberts - Office Manager



Contact Chapter 805


VVA Chapter 805
570 SE Jackson St. #2

Roseburg, OR 97470