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The purpose of the Resolutions Committee is to fulfill Article I, National Provisions, Section 7, Committees, Paragraph A.4. of the VVA National Constitution.

“The Resolutions Committee shall report the resolutions to be addressed by the delegates assembled from among those submitted by the Chapters, State Councils, standing committees, membership, or other sources.  Provided, however, that any such resolution shall be filed with the Resolution Committee at least on-hundred twenty (120) days prior to the commencement of the National Convention, at which resolutions are to be addressed.  The Resolution Committee shall review proposed resolutions received, and shall, not less than sixty (60) days prior to the commencement of the National Convention, forward to the Chapters and State Councils copies of all proposed resolutions submitted to the Committee pursuant to this section along with the Committee’s recommended action with regard to each proposed resolution.  Resolutions not reported by the Resolutions Committee may be brought to the floor for debate and action upon the motion of any delegate and concurrence by a majority of the delegates.”

What is a Resolution and how does it work ?

A resolution is a formal expression of opinion, will, or intent voted into being at a National Convention of Vietnam Veterans of America by the delegates to that convention.

A resolution sets a goal and/or objective for one or more Vietnam Veterans of America National Committees and/or Task Forces.  A resolution should be written in a very clear manner, so that the appropriate body may establish a specific plan for implementation of the resolution.  Some resolutions require several committees, task forces, and/or National Office staff members working together to achieve the desired result and may be an on-going process over a long period of time.

How to Write, Submit, and gain Support for Your Proposed Resolution

The top section of the “VVA Proposed Convention Resolution Form” asks for basic information.  All blanks that apply should be filled in and any blank that does not apply should have n/a (not applicable) inserted.

The lower section applies directly to the resolution.  If you know the National Committee and/or Task Force/s that your resolution applies to, please place an “X” by the appropriate committee or task force.

The ISSUE section should contain the title and specific issue you would like to address.  (Example) “Over 100,000 Americans who served in the armed forces during World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, The Cold War, and Desert Storm are still listed as Missing In Action.”

The BACKGROUND section should contain a description or overview of what VVA’s past involvement has been, if any, on this issue and the reason for the resolution.  (Example) “This nation is deeply indebted to its veterans for their courage and sacrifice and should demonstrate its dedication to those missing and to their families for the fullest possible accounting of those still missing.”

The PROPOSED POSITION section should contain a statement of VVA’s commitment to the issue, and how VVA should implement the resolution. (Example) “Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc. at the National Convention in Springfield, IL, July 21-25, 2015, desires that Congress enact legislation that requires the continuous flying of the POW/MIA flag at all U.S. owned and operated national cemeteries.”

Where and How to Submit a Resolution

You can submit your resolution proposal online here. Proposed resolutions MUST  be submitted to the National Resolutions Committee on the official resolution form.  (The official form may be found on the VVA web site, included in this package, or requested from Sharon Hodge at the National Office.)  All proposed resolutions shall be delivered or mailed to:   

Vietnam Veterans of America
ATTN: Resolutions Committee
8719 Colesville Road, Suite 100
Silver Spring, MD 20910


Remember, only proposed resolutions submitted on the official resolutions form will be accepted.

How to Gain Support for Your Resolution

For a Member to gain support for a proposed resolution, he or she should get the support of a Chapter or Chapters, then take the chapter supported resolution to the State Council in the appropriate state.  Be prepared to present the proposed resolution/s in a clear and concise manner.

A Chapter should take its resolution/s to the appropriate State Council and present it in a clear and concise manner.  Once the resolution has the endorsement of the State Council, other Chapters throughout the state should be contacted.  The more support you can gain for your chapter resolution/s the greater the possibility it will favorably come out of the effected National Committee and/or a committee hearing at the National Convention.

A State Council should gain the support of the chapters in its state and solicit the support of other State Councils.  This may be accomplished by contacting other state councils and/or presenting your state council resolution/s in a clear and concise manner to the Conference of State Council Presidents.  It is also advisable to request that the Conference of State Council Presidents Resolution Committee include your state’s resolution/s along with other resolutions that are receiving the endorsement of the State Council Presidents.

Deadline Dates for the Resolution Process

Proposed Resolutions must be received or postmarked no later than March 22, 2015.  The Resolutions Committee mailing of the package of proposed resolutions with the appropriate committee’s recommended action for each proposed resolution to all State Councils and Chapters will take place no later than May 22, 2015 by first class mail.

What Happens When Your Proposed Resolution is Received by the National Resolutions Committee

Your proposed resolution will be date-stamped to establish that it was received by the deadline date.  Any resolutions received after the deadline date will not be accepted.

The Resolution Form will be checked to make sure the following items have been completed: date, name and address of the writer, telephone number and email address (if applicable).  The committee will also check the Resolution Information to include: committee and/or task force responsible for the resolution (if known), issue, background, and proposed position.

Proposed resolutions will be carefully reviewed within seven to ten days after receipt by the Resolutions Committee.  If a resolution form is found to be complete, it will be assigned to the committee responsible for oversight on this resolution and assigned a number.  An acknowledgement letter will be mailed to the writer of the proposed resolution.  In any future correspondence, reference should be made to the proposed resolution by the title and number assigned. 

All proposed resolutions will be compiled and submitted to the proposed committees and/or task forces at the April 2015 Board of Directors meeting for their review and comments.

When the resolution process begins at the National Convention, committee hearings will be held following the opening ceremonies.  The hearings will be for the committees and task forces and delegates to review all resolutions pertaining to their committee and/or task force, prior to the resolutions being presented to the convention delegates on the convention floor.  Any subsequent revisions to the resolutions will be printed on color coded paper for distribution to the delegates.

Costs Related to Implementation of Resolutions

Resolutions are “Goals and Objectives” for our organization and many, if not all, have direct and indirect costs related to their implementation.  Work toward accomplishing the mandates of the resolutions may take a few hours of staff time or it may take a week, or month, and those efforts cost our organization operating funds.  To this end some resolutions may be implemented immediately, others phased in over a period of time and some may be impractical or impossible to achieve because of funding restrictions.


Act immediately. You only have until March 29 to submit Convention resolutions. As in previous years, we encourage you to submit resolutions that are workable, concise, and have attainable objectives. We realize that resolutions range from the feel-good to the serious. We gladly accept them all, as directed by the VVA Constitution.

The Policies and Procedures of the 2015 Convention Resolutions Committee are posted on the VVA website, as is the official resolution submission form. This is the only form acceptable for submissions.

When you are considering a resolution, give it this litmus test: (1) Can this be accomplished through regular action by the national Board of Directors, a state council, or other VVA leadership? (2) Is this something we are already or should be doing? If so, can we get this accomplished with a simple request of a national officer or director? If the answer to any part of (1) and (2) is yes, reconsider submitting your resolution.

If no is the answer, then you should ask yourself: Can we accomplish this without breaking the bank? Does the required funding match the priority of the resolution? And does it fit within the long-range goals of the organization? If you can answer these questions with a definite yes, then bring your resolution to the committee for consideration at the Convention in Springfield.

Once your resolution has been received at the national office, it will be assigned an official resolution number. The proposed resolution will be reviewed by the Resolutions Committee to ensure that the official submission form was used and that it was postmarked no later than March 29.

If a proposed resolution passes the committee’s review, it will be sent to the appropriate VVA committee or task force. A letter of acknowledgement will be sent to the author of the resolution informing him or her of the resolution’s assigned number and of the committee or task force to which it has been referred. However, any resolution not reported out by the Resolutions Committee may be brought to the Convention floor for debate and action upon the motion of any delegate and concurrence by a majority of the delegates.

A final package of proposed resolutions, with the Resolutions Committee’s recommended actions, will be forwarded to all state councils and chapters no later than May 22. At the Convention, committee hearings will be held to allow the committees, task forces, and delegates to review all resolutions before they are presented on the Convention floor.



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