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Question (Q): What is the VVA National Minority Affairs Committee?

Answer (A)

  • It is a standing committee at the national level of Vietnam Veterans of America in accordance with the Constitution of the Vietnam Veterans of America.

Q:  What is the mission of the Minority Affairs Committee?

AThe mission is twofold:

  • To ensure that the unique circumstances, needs and concerns of our diverse ethnic minority veterans are valued, respected and addressed.   
  • To ensure that the inclusive organization mission respects and values the unique circumstances of our diverse ethnic veterans.

Q:  Who is an ethnic minority veteran?

AAn ethnic minority veteran is a member of the ethnic minority groups that are defined as African-American, American Indian (Native American), Hispanic/Latino, and Asian American/Pacific Islander American veterans. (This is consistent with the categories defined by the VA Center For Minority Veterans)

Q:  Where do we locate ethnic minority veterans?

A:   Depending upon where you live, ethnic minority veterans may:

  • reside in a defined ethnic community, or
  • reside scattered within the general population, or
  • be members of a specific ethnic religious organization, community or cultural center, professional or educational fraternity/sorority, or another veterans organization or use the VA.

Q:  How do we contact the ethnic minority veterans?

AThere are several approaches:

  • Attend events sponsored by the ethnic group, or
  • Sponsor or cosponsor an event with the ethnic group, or
  • Speak to a meeting of the ethnic group about VVA, or
  • Meet members of the ethnic group as they attend your activity and ask to be invited to their activities
  • Meet them at the VA Hospital or Clinics or Vet Center 

Q:  What do we say to ethnic minority veterans to get them to join VVA?

A:   Try some of these things:

  • First, Welcome them home
  • Participate (as discussed above) in some of their activities
  • Invite them to participate in your chapter’s activities
  • Ask them how they would like to help out
  • Show them what VVA does
  • Have  them talk to VVA members who are from their ethnic group

Q:  How do we establish credibility with the ethnic minority veteran if we’re not a member of that ethnic group?

ACredibility takes a long time to establish, so:

  • Your actions speak louder than words
  • Treat them with respect and dignity – and, most of all, “LISTEN
  • Try to develop rapport with the member







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