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Committee Report


The Membership Affairs Committee, as required by Public Affairs Resolution P-7, provides this yearly report to the membership.

M-1 Verification and Security of DD Form 214: VVA requires that all applicants for individual membership provide a copy of their DD Form 214 or other acceptable documentation establishing eligibility for membership. These documents are to be kept at the local level in a confidential and secure manner in accordance with the provisions of the VVA Constitution. Verification to the national organization shall be done by the local chapter secretary or, in the absence of the secretary, a designated chapter official.

M-2 Communication among VVA's Organizational Levels: The national office must reply to all communications from state councils and chapters within five working days, and state councils and chapters must reply to all communications from the national office within ten working days.

M-1 and M-2 remain viable and were overwhelmingly endorsed at the 2013 National Convention. The Membership Department makes every effort to address all questions and enquiries pertaining to membership matters in a timely manner. The Membership Committee is working hard on ways to improve your VVA experience and to increase our membership numbers. Your comments or suggestions are always wel-

Membership Affairs Committee Meeting
January 10, 2014

The meeting was called to order by Chair Charlie Hobbs @ 2:15 pm.

There were eight (8) members and three (3) Special Advisors present.

Motion: To accept the amended agenda. Adopted.

Motion: To accept the minutes of October meeting with amendments. Adopted.

The Honorary Life Membership criteria and form were revised by the Committee; the Chair will make corrections to the form and send to the Committee electronically for review and feedback.

A Membership Achievement Award will be given to the Chapter with the highes percentage increase in membership over a one-year period. To be eligible, the chapter must have a minimum of a 20% increase. Awards will be given in three categories.

  • 1-300 members
  • 301-500 members
  • 501 and above

Awards will be a flag streamer and a certificate. The Chair will explore the cost of the streamer and add estimated cost to the proposed 2015 fiscal budget. Annual award dates will be March 1st – February 28th.

Awards will be given to State Council Presidents during the April Board meeting to take back to the winners. Colors of the ribbons will be the same as the Vietnam ribbon colors. Awards will be presented in 2014.

Motion: To purchase 100 Video discs from Public Relations to be shared with chapters and states as recruiting tools. Adopted.

The Chair introduced the possibility of attending the Veterans Rally in Kokomo, Indiana in September 2014.

The budget for fiscal year 2015 was presented, suggestions were given; the Chair will make changes and send to the Committee electronically.

A roundtable discussion followed.

With no further business the meeting adjourned at 4:15 pm.

Cathy Keister, Acting Secretary






Membership Brochure

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