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Membership continues to grow despite attrition though non-renewals and deaths. We passed the 73,000 mark in August; we passed the 74,000 mark in November. Our goal is 75,000 members this term. If the momentum continues, we’ll reach that goal in the spring.

I was invited to present a membership seminar during the Florida State Leadership Conference in November. Ben Humphries, Florida State Council president, helped me. We received many compliments and requests for the recruitment tools we discussed.

Veterans Day weekend was successful in that we spoke to many veterans and handed out applications, brochures, and state council contact information. Committee member Jerry Pounds attended the event with me. However, I was disappointed in the lower number of people visiting the booth and in the event in general.

The timeframe for the first Membership Growth Award is coming to an end. In March I will gather the information from the National Membership Department and tally the results. The winners will be announced during the 2015 Convention in Springfield.

The Honorary Life Membership form and policy have been approved by the Board of Directors. See the VVA website for details. Please read the criteria carefully before submitting nominees.

Membership Affairs Committee Report, September/October 2014

Membership On The Move

During the October 2013 Board of Directors meeting in Silver Spring a motion was passed that removed the time payment option from the VVA membership application. New printings of the application will not include that option. If you still have old applications in your possession, please throw them away. The new brochure is available for the asking. The online application contains the correct information, too. Contact the Membership Department for application brochures at

Last May AVVA National President Sharon Hobbs and I presented a joint seminar, “Working Together=Success,” at the George Duggins Region 3 Conference in Virginia Beach. Our effort to convey the working relationship between VVA and AVVA was well received. Many were enlightened about the many projects and programs at the local, state, and national levels that are successful because of our joint efforts. “If everyone is moving forward together,” Henry Ford once said, “then success takes care of itself.”

In July I had the honor of attending the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association Reunion in Louisville, Kentucky. Fellow Chattanooga Chapter 203 member Robert Bunch and I manned a membership booth there for four days. There were more than thirteen hundred registered attendees, along with guests. I introduced VVA to many veterans and handed out more than three hundred membership applications. VVA was very well received by all who stopped by our booth. My thanks to VVA Meeting Planner Wes Guidry for his help.

Don’t forget about membership growth. The Membership Affairs Committee has created the National Membership Growth Award to recognize growth at the chapter level. Winners will be based on the percentage of growth during the VVA fiscal year, March 1 to February 28. Winners will be announced at the 2015 National Convention in Springfield, Illinois.

Membership Affairs Committee Meeting
October 10, 2014

Called to order by Chairman Hobbs at 2:15 PM.

Members present: Charlie Hobbs, Steve Mackey, Ben Humphries, Joe Kristek, Richard Lindbeck, Charlie Montgomery, Rex Moody, Jim Pace, Jerry Pounds, Barry Rice, Dick Southern, John Weiss, Richard DeLong, Cathy Keister (AVVA Advisor), Penny Meinhardt ( AVVA) Bill Meeks (Advisor), Mary Stout.

Guests: Linda Haberkorn, Tom Haberkorn, Ray Antenrieb, Ron Zink, Jim Fischer, John Riling III, Jerrie Wallis, Susan Henthorn, Larry Friedrich, D. Irvin, Wayne Reynolds Correction to the minutes: Humphries name corrected. Charlie Hobbs appointed Richard Lindbeck as Secretary.

Motion to accept the agenda as amended: Ben Humphries- second Richard DeLong Adopted

Goals for 2015 is 75,000 members. As of August 2014 we are at 73,905. September we had 293 new members. This puts us on track to meet out goal for 2015. Keep working on new members.

Mary Stout reported that she is getting the membership rosters our faster and working to get them online quicker, so State Councils and Chapters can access them. She has a list of those people that have authority to access. Make sure that she gets updates ASAP.

The At-Large rosters go to the State Council.

The Honorary Life Membership has the criteria and it goes to Bill Meeks, National Secretary.

Motion: To present the Honorary Life Membership to the National BOD on 10/11/2014 Ben Humphries-Second John Weiss. Adopted

A discussion on future participation by VVA Membership at military reunions and events. The State Council Presidents will be polled as to the number of events we should do. It was decided on three (3) would work if it can be budgeted.

Charlie Hobbs brought a concern from Len Ignatowski regarding how the At Large membership list should be handled. The list goes to the State Council President and they can distribute to those chapters that can attempt to contact the at Large member to join a local Chapter.

Charlie Hobbs brought a complaint before the committee. It seems some State Council Presidents are concerned about chapters recruiting new member’s hundreds of miles from their own chapter home and placing them in their own chapter. We need to recruit new members but place them in chapter closest to their own home. This is something we need to do for continuity of the membership.

The time payment program needs to have a sunset clause. President Rowan suggested that we pass a time frame of February 28, 2014. There could be some out there that could still be considered but would be handled on a case by case basis.

Motion: To establish a termination date for payment life membership of February 28, 2014. Barry Rice -Second John Weiss. Adopted

Meeting was adjourned at 4:00PM

Respectfully submitted
Richard Lindbeck






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