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Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) is dedicated to providing unparalleled service to students, teachers, researchers, and authors in their learning, teaching, and research of the history of the Vietnam War. We strive to offer up-to-date teaching strategies and resources, as well as Vietnam veterans who are willing to share their personal experiences through VVA’s Speakers Bureau, both in the classroom and via email.


From time to time, students are given classroom assignments which require them to interview a Vietnam veteran.  Eight years ago, VVA established an “Interview a Vietnam Veteran On-line Program.” This program has proven to be highly successful in assisting students establish a connecting with a Vietnam veteran. Students from across our nation, as well those residing elsewhere, have used our program to interview Vietnam veterans. When we receive a student’s questions, these are forwarded to those among our membership who have volunteered to participate in a rewarding educational experience.

Teachers may contact our organization for information regarding proven classroom resources, lesson plans, handout materials, as well as tests to administer to their students as part of the classroom process. VVA stands ready to meet the needs of our educators so that they have access to accurate information on the Vietnam War.

Teachers may contact VVA to request a speaker for their classroom. Just click the link, complete all the information listed, and we’ll connect you with a veteran in your area. When students listen to a veteran describe his/her Vietnam experience, they are able to connect the veteran’s experience to what they have learned in class. This provides an unparalleled educational experience that brings alive the words in their textbooks.

We also provide for teachers a how-to guide for the planning, organizing, and publishing of an “Oral History Book Project.” This guide provides detailed information on how to work with those students intent on recording the oral histories of Vietnam veterans residing in their communities.  The oral history project has proven to be an enriching educational experience. In addition to working with primary sources to glean historical data, students are able to hone their interview skills and develop their written expression. Schools may take advantage of this program by working with their local VVA chapter.

VVA also has programs tailored to the needs of elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and colleges –- programs that pay tribute to our veterans and patriotic values.

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