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Chapter Bylaws

Twenty-four constitutional amendments were passed by the delegates at the 17th National Convention in Springfield, Ill. The 2015 Constitution of Vietnam Veterans of America will be available on by September 23. A brief summary of the changes follows.

Amendment 01 standardized the outline format. 

Amendment 02 spelled out all numbers where appropriate. 

Amendment 03 replaced references to the corporation with the word “Corporation.”

Amendments 04, 14, and 30 removed unnecessary dates within the document. 

Amendment 05 replaced “chairperson(s)” with “chair(s).”

Amendment 06 replaced all terms referring to the national board of directors with “national board.”

Amendment 08 replaced references to the Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc., with the letters “AVVA” as indicated in Article I, Section 4, paragraph J, in which Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America is first mentioned.

Amendment 09 replaced “from” with “by” in Article I, Section 4, paragraph K.

Amendment 10 authorizes the alternate regional director to fill a vacancy for regional director without conducting a special election in Article I, Section 4, paragraph C.

Amendment 11 replaced various terms indicating acceptance with the terms “approval” or “approved” for consistency.

Amendment 12 removed references to “salaried employees” and “employment” in Article I, Section 5, paragraph B.

Amendment 15 replaced “accredited” with “credentialed” in Article I, Section 6, paragraph H.  Delegates to the national biennial Convention are “credentialed” as stated in Section 7, paragraph 3 of the same section. 

Amendment 18 replaced previous terms used with “National Disciplinary Policy.”

Amendment 19 requires a state council to amend its bylaws if the council wants to allow its officers who are not elected chapter delegates to vote. 

Amendment 20 requires a state council to seat an AVVA liaison on the council or the council board upon receipt of written recommendation.

Amendment 21 added a new section to Article II and renumbered the remaining sections. 

Section 4—Board of Directors

The council may establish a council board of directors provided the duties, powers, and composition of the board are specified in the council bylaws; members of the council board will be elected by the delegates of the council.

Amendment 22 replaced “secretary/treasurer” with “secretary-treasurer” in Article II, Section 4, paragraph A and Article III, Section 6, paragraph A.

Amendment 23 replaced all references to the chapter board of directors with “chapter board.”

Amendment 24 requires chapters to amend their bylaws to include an officer’s terms of office as one year or two years. 

Amendment 25 struck the outdated words “or telegram” and “or delivered for telegraphic transmittal” from Article III, Section 5, paragraph G.

Amendment 26 replaced the term “nomination committee” with “election committee” wherever it occurred. 

Amendment 27 relieved the chapter secretary of the responsibility of maintaining DD 214s or other acceptable forms of proof of military service. 

Amendment 28 replaced the word “who” with “that” in Article IV, Section 1, paragraph A, because a chapter is not a person.

Amendment 31 removed the words “the states of” from each region listed in Appendix I.

The Constitution Committee thanks all members who submitted proposed amendments and the Convention delegates for their participation and support throughout the amendment process. The committee is working on updating the chapter and state council bylaw templates and will have them ready after the October 2015 committee meeting in Silver Spring. Contact with questions.


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